Starting Konflikt

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that you should always pick a good Dead Dog Party
to rope a tired con-com into arranging another big convention. Or at least, that’s how
we do it in Sweden.

That’s why I jokingly suggested we do a Eurocon next, just as we were wrapping up
Kontur 2017 in Uppsala. To be fair, I laughed and laughed and couldn’t even take myself
seriously. The project just seemed too big at the time, and we were tired. And yet, a year
later, I was in contact with the municipality and looking into potential venues, should we
want to venture into the world of Eurocon bids and planning.

And suddenly, were here. It’s been a difficult and unusual year on a global level, but
today marked the opening of Eurocon 2021 in Fiuggi. Tomorrow, we present our bid for
Eurocon 2023, Konflikt, at the European Science Fiction Societies General Meeting.

In the meantime, we hope everyone else at this years Eurocon (who aren’t worried
about winning bids) have an amazing time. Hope to see you all in Uppsala!
Nahal Ghanbari
Convention Chair

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