Martha Wells

Photo credit: Lisa Blaschke

Martha Wells is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy novels, short stories, young adult fiction, and nonfiction essays.

A prolific writer with an academic background in anthropology, her work is often credited for its rich world building and societal structures. At the same time, she has successfully immersed herself in worlds created by others, and is the author behind multiple media tie-ins, from novels within the Stargate Atlantis and Star Wars universe, to being the lead writer of the 25th anniversary expansion to Magic: The GatheringDominaria.

Wells’s career spans almost three decades, and her body of work is translated into a dozen languages. Amongst her many notable titles you’ll find The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, Books of the Raksura, as well as the much acclaimed series The Murderbot Diaries, for which she has been awarded four Hugo Awards, three Locus Awards and two Nebulas.