As we wrote about a lot in our social media channels, on the 24th of April, we had a collaboration with Uppsala City Library, and organized FantasyFest for teens and young adults.
There were workshops and VR, games and an author interview with Marissa Meyer curtesey of the English Bookshop!
We held a panel about why we read fantasy and SF, and it was an overall very successful day for the library and the youths.

Thank you to Uppsala City Library /Uppsala Stadsbibliotek for this great collab, and to The English Bookshop, Prisfyndet and Fantastikbokhandeln that in different ways supported it and made it happen!

Progress Report #2

Dear Eurocon members,

Our last Progress Report has been published, and you can download it here: Progress Report #2. The convention is closing in and we are working around the clock (or at least what feels like around the clock!), to make sure all the last pieces fall into place.
In the upcoming weeks, you’ll find further updates on this website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (both in the Eurocon 2023 group and in a new Facebook event).

We want to remind you that the hotel discounts for most of the hotels on our Accommodation page run out in April. After that, remaining rooms in the hotels will be released to the general public and bookable at their standard rates. 

And I believe that’s it. For those who know me – I’m a woman of many (many, many) words, but I’ll keep some of them to myself, so you can enjoy the dulcet tones of my voice and my witch-like cackle up close in June instead!

Until then,
Nahal Ghanbari
Convention Chair

PS: The first progress report can be found here: Progress Report #1. And the one before the first one! Here: Progress Report #0.