What is Eurocon 2023?

Simply put, it is a gathering of fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres, in fields such as literature, movies, television, comics, animation, and games. The focus of Eurocon 2023 will be on literature, but there will be program items also about the other fields of SF and fantasy. And if you were born on June 9, 1997 or later, it’s free if you register in advance!

The program is the heart of the event
There will be multi-track programming throughout all days, with talks, panels, interviews, signings, workshops, and guided tours. Many aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror will be discussed. Some of the program items will be held by experts who tell us about their fields of research, others will be just fans who share their enthusiasms.

There will be people like you
A convention is a place to meet other people who share your interests, and meet artists and authors to be inspired by. We don’t sell tickets, we sell memberships, and if you want to volunteer and be part of the enterprise, we welcome you. (But you don’t have to, you are welcome to just sit back and enjoy yourself.) In the evenings, you can go out and eat and drink with friends, both old friends and new friends you might just have made. And talk nerdy stuff.

What is a science fiction/fantasy convention not?
It’s not a gaming con, a sci-fi fair, or a cosplay con. Sure, there will be lots of people here who also go to GothCon, Comic Con, and Närcon, but the focus here is a bit different. There won’t be as much merch for sale and autographs do not cost anything. There will be no actors. Of course, there will be nice nerd stuff to buy, there will be signings, and some members will have dressed up in fantastic outfits (feel free to do that!). But here, the focus will be on the talks, the panels, the interviews, and the workshops. And on hanging out and discussing SF and fantasy with others.