Francesco Verso

Francesco Verso is an Italian author, translator and editor of speculative fiction in both English and Italian.

An environmental economist whose writing career started out through poetry, Verso’s work primarily spans novels and short stories. Amongst his most prominent titles you’ll find the novels Livido and Bloodbusters, the first set in a future city on a gigantic junk heap, where a scavenging kid falls in love with a transhuman being; the second, also a love story, is a satirical novel where taxes are paid in blood.

Much of Verso’s work centers on bringing the science fiction communities and readers closer together. This is represented not only in his dedication as an SFF fan and convention organizer, but of course in his efforts in making science fiction by non-Italian authors available to readers in his own native language, as well as works of European authors available to readers across said continent. To this end, he founded Future Fiction in 2014, and was awarded the Italia Award in the Best Editor category, for his works through the label in 2018.