Access Statement

Konflikt 2023 is committed to making the convention as accessible to everyone attending as possible. We are working together with the University Hall to find the best options while still operating within our financial limitations, doing our best to find sustainable and applicable solutions.

The Uppsala University Hall is a cultural landmark. It’s about 150 years old, and as such, is a quite imposing building with all that that entails. In 2016–2017 it was subject to a thorough upgrade in terms of accessibility, from tech to lavatories, which is a reason why we found it suitable for a modern-day Eurocon.

With that said, it is difficult to meet everyone’s individual needs, but we hope that effort, information, and feedback will make for a solid foundation that results in a convention that brings much joy to each attending member!

Please remember that all members are also obliged to read and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Should you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, please reach out to us at!

Lifts & Stairs
As the pictures show, the University Hall has many impressive staircases, both on the inside and the outside. There is a lift that will take you between all floors of the building. The lift is made for manual and electrical/motorized wheelchairs, but not for mobility scooters (it’s fitted for standard wheelchair sizes of 85cm*130cm).

Please consider taking the stairs if you can! The lifts are for those who need them most, whether for visible reasons such as using canes or wheelchairs, or less visible reasons such as, for example, arthritis, asthma, joint pains etc.

For members using wheelchairs, the entrance on street level with accessible entrance and a ramp lift is at Övre Slottsgatan 7D.

Wheelchairs and Mobility
Due to the building’s age, we’re sad to say that mobility scooters are not allowed. They do not fit in the lifts, and the weight of them also risks cracking the 100 year old stone tiles.

Motorized wheelchairs or manual ones are fine (as long as they fit the lift requirement size of 85cm*130cm, which is Swedish standard).
Swedish conventions do not traditionally offer wheelchairs to members, but we are looking into the possibility of renting. Please contact us if this is an urgent matter for you and we will try our best to make it happen!

The front row seats, and the seats closest to the program room entrances, are reserved for members with limited mobility, members that have limited sight, or are hard of hearing. There are places specifically adapted for wheelchair users, so they can both use any tables and access seating space in the smoothest way. These places are marked!

The Auditorium also has designated seating areas for wheelchair users, and ramp lifts to make moving around the spaces easy and quick.

Should you need to sit down and rest your legs/get off your feet, there are benches in the entrance hall, along the statue corridor upstairs, and there will be a designated gaming room on the entrance floor as well. And of course, the restaurant downstairs, Café Alma, will be available throughout most of the convention!

Tech, Information & WiFi
All program rooms and the Auditorium are equipped with multiple microphones – so make sure to use them (in other words, none of that ”The people in the back can hear me without a mic, right??”). There will be gophers in all program rooms, with roaming microphones, so if you are in the audience – the same goes for you: use the mic.

All larger program rooms are equipped with Audio induction loop systems/hearing loops.

The registration and information desk at the convention will be in the great entrance hall. Here, you can ask questions about the convention and Uppsala, get help with issues that might have come up, and get in touch with the committee if you need to.

The Program Book (Souvenir Book) as well as the program itself, will be handed out at registration. The entire convention program schedule will also be available online.

The program is planned and scheduled through PlanZ. The possibility of sending in one’s own requests, uploading info about availability or area of interests in one’s own time, and without having to correspond with someone else, is exceedingly comfortable and appreciated by some. At the same time, we understand that this approach might be difficult for others.

Using a digital planning system of this type to this extent is a first for Swedish fandom, and we are exploring the options with the hope that it’ll make scheduling easier and more accessible in the long run. If you would like to join our program in any way, but feel like having to use PlanZ stops you – please let us know, you can reach us at We’ll happily discuss it with you over email!

There will be a Konflikt 2023 Discord group, as a way of sending out quick information to members if needed (more on this at a later date), but we will also keep updates going through our webpage and social media throughout the convention.

The University Hall offers free WiFi for all visitors (24-hour sessions when registering as a visitor). More information on this as we move closer to the convention.

There are multiple lavatories on each floor of the venue (primarily not marked as unisex). Each floor also has an accessible toilet, which is unisex.  

Food & Drink
Everyone feels better when not hungry or thirsty! Because the venue is a cultural landmark, visitors are prohibited from eating and drinking (with the exception of water) in the program rooms, the Auditorium, and the entrance hall. However, the restaurant downstairs, Café Alma, will be open, and will be serving food, pastries, coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages etc. There are also restaurants, pubs, and cafés on the streets around the University Hall, but we ask you to respect the venue’s regulations and in the venue, only eat at the restaurant downstairs.

Note that you are not allowed to bring your own meals to Café Alma, much like with any other restaurant.

As mentioned, water is allowed everywhere in the venue, so feel free to bring a bottle to take around with you! It’s good to know that all tap water in Sweden (with the exception of remote places in for example the archipelago) is drinkable, and there is no need to buy water other than if fizzy water is your own preferred choice.

Strong Scents & Fragrances
Please consider those with allergies or sensitivities, and try to minimize strong scents at the convention. This includes perfumes and colognes, incense, cigarette smoke or vape fumes (neither smoking nor vaping is allowed in the venue, and smoking has been prohibited at indoor public spaces in Sweden for almost two decades).

This section ties in with the Code of Conduct as well, but in case of an emergency, please reach out to the convention committee, or a gopher who will get you in touch with us. We will all be wearing visible badges. You can also use the Discord channel to get hold of us.

An emergency includes everything from feeling unwell, to having an accident, being in a situation or altercation that in any way left you uncomfortable, worried or in distress. Please note that we are here to help you. Do not minimize your worry or discomfort, should you feel any.