Code of Conduct

Konflikt has implemented a code of conduct in order to make sure that the convention is a safe and pleasant event for all members.

All members are responsible for reading and being aware of this code of conduct. It is up to the committee to decide what is considered unacceptable behavior as well as to take measures against members whose behavior goes against the CoC – which may include revoking the membership without repayment or contacting the proper authorities.

Social interactions
No kind of discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion or disability will be tolerated during the convention. Discrimination may include, but is not necessarily limited to: violence; threats or other kinds of aggressiveness; sexual and other kinds of harassment; stalking; slurs; ridicule; and generally disrespectful behavior towards another person or persons. It is not up to the perpetrator to decide what counts as discrimination or not.

Remember that this can also include situations where you do not intend to behave in an inappropriate manner and that it is necessary to be attentive to and mindful of the other party’s reactions and responses. Just because you say or do something you perceive as nice, doesn’t mean that the other person shares that experience.

No always means no.

A convention is an event filled with people of differing opinions. During discussions and interaction with people, make sure to always be polite and respectful – unless their behavior contradicts this code of conduct. If that happens, you can (if it feels okay for you to do so) try to tell the person in question that they have behaved in an inappropriate manner or contact the committee. Remember that any complaints need to be made to the committee before the end of the convention for us to be able to act.

During panels
When you are in the audience, keep the noise down unless you have been given leave to talk by the moderator. Don’t throw out questions at random. If you have a child with you it may be preferable for you to sit near an exit in case the child becomes restless.

The first and last rows of chairs in the programming halls are reserved for people with disabilities. Please respect that.

If you want to take pictures of specific people, always ask if they are okay with it beforehand and never simply assume that they are. The same thing goes for audio and video recordings during programming items or of particular members. Taking crowd photos in the public spaces – for example the bar or out across the audience – is acceptable. Panelists know that photography may occur during the panels but it doesn’t hurt to ask if it is okay to take photos.

Food & Drink
With the exception of water, you are not allowed to eat or drink in the Auditorium or the lecture halls. Uppsala University Hall only allows for food and drink in a specific, designated area – Café Alma, the restaurant on the cellar floor.
As with most restaurants, you are not allowed to bring your own food or beverage/alcohol.

No weapons are allowed inside the venue. Faux weapons as part of cosplaying outfits, a.i. toys and replicas, are OK as long as they are impossible to mistake for the real thing. If in doubt, contact the committee or registration at

If problems arise
If you are subjected to any kind of discrimination or unacceptable behavior or notice someone behaving in an untoward or inappropriate way during the convention, do not hesitate to contact the committee. Committee members are marked by a sash. If you have an issue with one of the committee members, contact another committee member. We take any situation that may arise seriously – the safety and well-being of our members is our top priority.