Join our Program through PlanZ!

Lask week, all members who’ve marked an interest in program participation during their registration process, were invited to PlanZ, our scheduling and program tool! Through PlanZ, each member can send in suggestions for program items, as well as apply to panels they’d be interested in participating in.

Here, you can let us know all the things that help make scheduling run smoothly, while also making participation more comfortable. As an example: if you want to participate, but don’t have any specific panel or subject in mind, you can let us know about your area of interest or expertise under “General Interests”. If you know for sure that you’ll only be attending for the weekend, you can mark that under “Availability”. If you want to use a headset instead of a mic, due to holding a mic for a longer time becoming difficult, let us know by filling in “Personal Details”.

Currently, you can mark your interest for panels only, but the Eurocon program has a vast array of program items to look forward to, including:

• Guest of Honour interviews, kaffeeklatsches and author signings
• Workshops in historical dances, Elvish language (Tengwar) and FILK-writing
• Lectures on Swedish Dystopias, Political Fairies and the subject of Genes and Reproduction in Contemporary Science Fiction
• Guided tours of Uppsala

… and much, much more!

There are guides to using PlanZ on our webpage, in both English (, and Swedish ( And as always – you can reach us at if you have any questions, or if you’d like us to add you as a PlanZ user now.

We look forward to your suggestions and your participation!

Promotional Codes for Accommodation!

It’s not the easiest thing, to gather promotional codes from Uppsala hotels and hostels for peak turist season, but with many an email and some help from Uppsala Convention Bureau comes success!

We recommend all members to take a good look through our list of hotels and hostels, which you’ll find under Accommodation. There is a solid spread when it comes to price range, closeness to venue or city sights, whether you want access to a gym or would like to test one of the best brunches in town etc.

Please take into account that with five months left to go, there might still be a handful of cheaper options available through online booking services, or the hotel/hostel webpages themselves, but that wont be the case in the upcoming weeks. Most of the hotels that have offered us promotional codes have only set aside a certain amount of rooms, which will be released to the general public in spring.

Please keep track of the cancellation terms in regards to your reservations, they differ a lot from place to place!

Unfortunately, our unofficial convention hotel, Clarion Gillet, did not agree to us adding the promotional code to our homepage (though those who’ve already bought memberships last year have accessed it through our Progress Report in December), but you can email us at, and we will get back to you asap!

Advertising with Eurocon 2023

Do you want to buy advertisements in our Program Book and our Progress Reports?

The Con Com is currently planning on releasing two additional Progress Reports prior to the convention, as well as a Program Book at the convention itself. The Progress Reports, due in December and around early spring of next year, will be in PDF:format (A4), and emailed to all those who’ve paid or pre-registered for a membership at the time of send-out.

The Program Book, a printed booklet in A5-format, will be handed out to all members at the Registration Desk upon arrival at the convention.

The Progress Reports and the Program Book are excellent opportunities to reach members of the SFF community, and therefore great places for your business (be it a publishing house, a bookstore, a podcast, an online store etc.) to place an ad!
The cost of advertising is as follows:

In the Program Book (A5, printed booklet)
1250 SEK / Full page
750 SEK / Half a page
450 SEK / One third of a page

I our Progress Reports (digital send out, PDF, A4)
400 SEK / Full page
250 SEK / Half a page
150 SEK / One third of a page

Should you want an ad placed in the upcoming December report, we would need your ad sent to, by November 23rd at the latest, along with your billing info.
(Next Progress Report deadline is March 1st 2023. We will get back to you in regards to a deadline for the printed Program Book.)

We are Eurocon 2023!

We are very happy to announce that the delegates of this years ESFS General Meeting
have announced Konflikt as Eurocon 2023!

Membership registration has now opened, you can find more information as
well as the registration form here.

More information in regards to travelling to Uppsala, accommodations, programming,
as well as presenting guests of honour and sharing progress reports, will be made
available in the upcoming weeks / months. Stay tuned!

Starting Konflikt

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that you should always pick a good Dead Dog Party
to rope a tired con-com into arranging another big convention. Or at least, that’s how
we do it in Sweden.

That’s why I jokingly suggested we do a Eurocon next, just as we were wrapping up
Kontur 2017 in Uppsala. To be fair, I laughed and laughed and couldn’t even take myself
seriously. The project just seemed too big at the time, and we were tired. And yet, a year
later, I was in contact with the municipality and looking into potential venues, should we
want to venture into the world of Eurocon bids and planning.

And suddenly, were here. It’s been a difficult and unusual year on a global level, but
today marked the opening of Eurocon 2021 in Fiuggi. Tomorrow, we present our bid for
Eurocon 2023, Konflikt, at the European Science Fiction Societies General Meeting.

In the meantime, we hope everyone else at this years Eurocon (who aren’t worried
about winning bids) have an amazing time. Hope to see you all in Uppsala!
Nahal Ghanbari
Convention Chair