Also appearing

In addition to our four distinguished guests of honour, a number of authors, artists and other creative people will be appearing at the convention. These are some of them, in alphabetical order:

Giordano Cavalli, Italy
Author of three novels (two sf dystopias and one weird fiction novel), a horror script and more than thirty short sf stories.

Patrik Centerwall, Sweden
Author of Skymningssång and Klockan och spegeln.

Toby Curden, Sweden
Artist and illustrator (book covers, game art, sculpture, costumes, etc), including cover and illustrations in The Octagon’s Eight.

Niels Dalgaard, Denmark
Editor of Proxima, author of books about Stephen King, Danish fandom etc., and a great many translations.

Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Sweden
Author of fantasy novels for YA and children, comics, theatrical plays, movie scripts, and more, including the Engelsfors trilogy, translated into over 25 languages.
Awards: Urhunden 2020; Nordic Game Award 2020; The White Reindeer Award 2019; Swedish Audio Book Award, 2018

Tony Elgenstierna, Sweden
Author of the Straffet series, young adult novels about a post-apocalyptic Uppsala.

Sara Engström, Sweden
Author of the psychological post-apocalyptic science fantasy thriller Falsksken (2020).
Awards: Chrysalis Award 2021

Rhuddem Gwelin, Sweden
Author of The Nature of Things, The Merlin Chronicles Volume 1, the series has 5 volumes.

Magdalena Hai, Finland
Author of YA horror (Sarvijumala), SF/F (Royaumen aikakirjat), and children’s books (Painajaispuoti/Rysmans rysliga butik).
Awards: Atorox 2016, Finnish Literary Export Prize 2018.

John-Henri Holmberg, Sweden
Author of five books about sf; the Nova SF magazine; publisher of around 200 sf and fantasy books; innumerable reviews and essays; 200 fanzines.
Awards: Big Heart Award 2005; Samfundet de Nios översättarpris 2018

Eva Holmquist, Sweden
Author of Diligentiatrilogin, Gallustrilogin, Blodskifte, Kimya.

Edward James, UK
Retired Editor of Foundation, author of a book on Lois McMaster Bujold and several other non-fiction books.
Awards: Hugo Award 2005; BSFA Award 2015; Eaton Award 1996; IAFA Award 2017

Gunilla Jonsson, Sweden
Author of role-playing games: Kult, Tjurmannen från Kungsskär, novels: De levande döda, Döden är bara början.

Jenny Kangasvuo, Finland
Author of the novel Sudenveri (2012); short stories in English, e.g.: “The Challenges of Waste Disposal” (2017); “Chasing Digital Shadows” (2016).
Awards: Atorox 2006, 2018

Hildur Knútsdóttir, Iceland
Author of SF/F and horror, both YA and for adults. The Night Guest will be published in English in 2024, translated by Mary Robinette Kowal.
Awards: The Icelandic Literary Prize (2016), the Icelandic Women’s Literary Prize (2017), the Reykjavík Children’s Literature Prize (2019) and the Icelandic Bookseller’s Prize (multiple times).

Taru Kumara-Moisio, Finland
Author of Taniwha (novel, translated into English by Christina Saarinen).

Oskar Källner, Sweden
Author of SF series for children, Imperiets arvingar (Children of the Phoenix, translated to 7 languages), dozens of short stories, fantasy novels, etc.

Anne Leinonen, Finland
Author of science fiction, horror & fantasy short stories and novels, writing for adults and young adults.
Awards: Atorox 2004, 2007, 2011

Roderick Leeuwenhart, Netherlands
Author of the SF novels De Heren XVII and Sterrenlichaam. “Bacteriophages” was published in Nature Futures.
Awards: Harland Award 2016

Karolina Lukasik, Poland
Author of Your Inheritance Will Taste of Salt, Our Lady of Carrion Crows, A Map to a Future Unlike Any Past.

Ian McDonald, UK
Author of the Luna trilogy, new novel Hopeland should be out by next June!
Awards: Hugo Award 2007; BSFA Award 1993, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2019; Philip K. Dick Award 1992; Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award 2001; Locus Award 1989; Gaylactic Spectrum Award 2016; Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2099, 2011, 2013; Italia Award 2019; Kurd Lasswitz Preis 1995, 1999;

J. S. Meresmaa, Finland
Author of “The Naming Tree” in European Science Fiction #1, “Knowing the Neighbours” (Future Fiction, 2021).

Farah Mendlesohn, UK
Author of The Pleasant Profession of Robert A Heinlein and many other non-fiction works.
Awards: Karl Edward Wagner Award for Special Achievement 2014; Hugo Award 2005; World Fantasy Award (Special) 2017; BSFA Award 2004, 2009, 2020; IAFA Award 2022 (two awards); Mythopoeic Award 2018; Mary Kay Bray Award 2003; Clareson Award 2016

Jane Mondrup, Denmark
Author of Zeitgeist and a number of SF and horror stories in Danish magazines and anthologies.

Nina Niskanen, Finland
Author of short stories published in the anthologies Recognize Fascism and Marraskesi.

Sara Norja, Finland
Author of “City of Wings and Song” in Lackington’s, “Birch Daughter” in Fireside, “Water, Birch, and Blood” in Strange Horizons.

Mairon Oakley, Sweden
Author of The Octagon’s Eight.

Billy O’Shea, Denmark
Author of The Other Mermaid, Kingdom of Clockwork, A Clockwork Moon, and A Clockwork Carol.

Elena Pavlova, Bulgaria
Author of a couple of novels, some novelettes and 25 gamebooks, as well as many short stories. She has also translated several works of sf into Bulgarian.
Awards: Konstantin Konstantinov 2019, ESFS Best work for children 2021, Diverse Worlds Grant 2021

Michael Petersen, Sweden
Author of role-playing games: Kult, Tjurmannen från Kungsskär, novels: De levande döda, Döden är bara början.

Lisa Rodebrand, Sweden
Author of Revolt, En droppe i rymden.

Sten Rosendahl, Sweden
Author of two dystopian novels in Swedish: Algblomning and Värmevåg.

Ian Sales, Sweden
Author of the Apollo Quartet and several short stories.
Awards: BSFA Award 2013

Edmund Schluessel, Finland
Author of “A Funeral for Massachusetts” and Infinite Metropolis.

Markus Sköld, Sweden
Author of Folktomt, Kalldrag, etc. Creepypodden, Storytel, and more.

Karin Tidbeck, Sweden
Author of Jagannath, Amatka, The Memory Theater, short stories.
Awards: SF&F Translation Award 2013; William L. Crawford Award 2013

Heather Turnbull, UK
Author of The Gatekeeper; Midday Train to Dreamland; Equasion; What a Doll!; And What About Anna?; Possessivum Vindictae.

Ian Watson, Spain
Author of numerous novels and stories, including some set in the Warhammer Universe.
Awards: BSFA Award 1978, 2010; Prix Apollo 1975