About Eurocon

Eurocon is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, gathering fans of the genres, in fields such as literature, movies, television, comics, animation, and games.

Each year, delegates from the European Science Fiction Society, meet at the annual convention, to vote on the bids laid forward towards hosting future Eurocons.
Konflikt 2023 won the delegates vote at Eurocon in Fiuggi, Italy, in 2021. In november 2021, Konflikt also one the honor of being the annual Swedish science fiction and fantasy convention of 2023, also known as Swecon. This marks the third time Swecon is held in Uppsala in the just over a decade.

The focus of Eurocon 2023 will be on literature, but there will be program items also about the other fields of SF and fantasy. And if you were born on June 9, 1997 or later, it’s free if you register in advance!

For more information about what a Eurocon is and isn’t, look here.