Johan Egerkrans

Photo credit: Ida Sundquist

Johan Egerkrans is a critically acclaimed Swedish illustrator and author, whose work delves deep into Scandinavian folklore, Nordic mythology and the rich storytelling traditions regarding the creatures undead, both domestic and foreign.

His literary debut came in 2005 with Taggtråds-Tim, though Nordiska Väsen (VAESEN) from 2013 marked his true breakthrough.
Much of his earlier work is rooted in the field of gaming, role-playing as well as computer games. In 2020, Nordiska Väsen was made into a roleplaying game. The same year, he launched the popular, 30-episode podcast Mytologier, taking his knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject of myths across media platforms.

In the years following his debut, Egerkrans has illustrated and written many highly popular books on paleontology, monsters and mythology, as well as illustrating the works of many beloved authors, among them J.R.R. Tolkien and Astrid Lindgren.

In 2021, he was awarded the Elsa Beskow Plaque for his body of work.