Promotional Codes for Accommodation!

It’s not the easiest thing, to gather promotional codes from Uppsala hotels and hostels for peak turist season, but with many an email and some help from Uppsala Convention Bureau comes success!

We recommend all members to take a good look through our list of hotels and hostels, which you’ll find under Accommodation. There is a solid spread when it comes to price range, closeness to venue or city sights, whether you want access to a gym or would like to test one of the best brunches in town etc.

Please take into account that with five months left to go, there might still be a handful of cheaper options available through online booking services, or the hotel/hostel webpages themselves, but that wont be the case in the upcoming weeks. Most of the hotels that have offered us promotional codes have only set aside a certain amount of rooms, which will be released to the general public in spring.

Please keep track of the cancellation terms in regards to your reservations, they differ a lot from place to place!

Unfortunately, our unofficial convention hotel, Clarion Gillet, did not agree to us adding the promotional code to our homepage (though those who’ve already bought memberships last year have accessed it through our Progress Report in December), but you can email us at, and we will get back to you asap!

Nordiskt författarmöte inom fantastiken (Nordic Speculative Fiction Writers Assembly)

Eurocon 2023 är även värd för årets nordiska författarmöte inom den fantastiska litteraturen. Programmet omfattar samnordiska paneldiskussioner och föredrag om villkoren för författare och översättare av science fiction och fantasy i norden, tillståndet för den fantastiska litteraturen i norden, och nordisk folktro i saga och konst.

Nordiskt författarmöte inom fantastiken

Eurocon 2023 also hosts this year’s Nordic Speculative Fiction Writers Assembly. The program for the assembly comprises inter-Nordic panels and talks on the work conditions for writers, illustrators, and translators of fantastic fiction in the Nordic countries, the state of fantastic fiction in the Nordic countries, and Nordic myths and folklore in fairytale and art.