Welcome to PlanZ

Thank you for taking the time to sign up for PlanZ! We will be going through all suggestions you have entered and applied for. Please note that at the end of the day not all program items will be held, and sometimes the panel you have applied for is already full.
PlanZ is a generic tool so there are quite a lot of pages and fields you don’t have to fill in. Keep in mind, though, that everything you write will be seen by the program group only!
Our goal is to make an interesting, enjoyable and diverse program, and we hope that the end result will be much appreciated!

How to sign up:

You have received a Username and a Password for your individual account to your email.
When you log on to PlanZ, you’ll reach an Overview with the question:
Do you want to be a panelist and/or moderator?” in the top menu.

Answer Yes, to be able to sign up to program items, and click on Update.

The menu then offers many choices:

Under profile,  you can add a small description (3 lines maximum) of yourself. We might use this biographícal text in the program guide, should you end up as a participant in the program.
Don’t forget to save.

Under Search Sessions, you can look up which sessions and program items are available, and apply to be on said panel or program item. Save any changes or comments you make.

Any sessions you select, will end up under Session Interests. There you can rank the order of your interest by which program item you’d like to partake in the most, or add a short comment on what makes you suitable for this particular panel (long-time hobby or interest, academic background, years in the industry etc.)

Under the section My Suggestions, you can make suggestions to the program group! Perhaps you’d like to see a panel on the many depictions of Atlantis, or hold a workshop on how to write Nordic runes, or see someone else talk about Scandinavian influences in Studio Ghibli movies – the floor is yours, send us your thoughts and ideas (and save them!).

Under Personal Details, you add information that’s important for us to take into consideration, so we can make sure that you as a member of the convention and program are comfortable, and that your participation runs as smoothly for you as is possible.
(Should you have any questions you’d like to run by us, please email us directly at program@eurocon2023.se.)
Don’t forget to save!

Should you want to go the extra mile, you can also let us know your areas of interest more specifically, and what type of roles you feel comfortable taking on (for example, moderator, panelist, group discussion leader, etc).

We would also appreciate very much if members who know they’ll only be joining for certain days of the convention, inform us about this under Availability, so we can avoid as many scheduling conflicts or last minute scheduling re-arrangements as possible.

As mentioned previously, save any changes – and you’re done. It’s a wrap! The program group will reach out to you during spring, but in the meantime you can always add more suggestions…