Advertising with Eurocon 2023

Do you want to buy advertisements in our Program Book and our Progress Reports?

The Con Com is currently planning on releasing two additional Progress Reports prior to the convention, as well as a Program Book at the convention itself. The Progress Reports, due in December and around early spring of next year, will be in PDF:format (A4), and emailed to all those who’ve paid or pre-registered for a membership at the time of send-out.

The Program Book, a printed booklet in A5-format, will be handed out to all members at the Registration Desk upon arrival at the convention.

The Progress Reports and the Program Book are excellent opportunities to reach members of the SFF community, and therefore great places for your business (be it a publishing house, a bookstore, a podcast, an online store etc.) to place an ad!
The cost of advertising is as follows:

In the Program Book (A5, printed booklet)
1250 SEK / Full page
750 SEK / Half a page
450 SEK / One third of a page

I our Progress Reports (digital send out, PDF, A4)
400 SEK / Full page
250 SEK / Half a page
150 SEK / One third of a page

Should you want an ad placed in the upcoming December report, we would need your ad sent to, by November 23rd at the latest, along with your billing info.
(Next Progress Report deadline is March 1st 2023. We will get back to you in regards to a deadline for the printed Program Book.)

The program group is at work

Our program group, headed by Anna Davour, is putting the program together, a work that began in early autumn and will continue until the beginning of May. The group – which is fairly large and diverse – is partly brainstorming their own ideas and partly using input from members who have told us they have ideas for the program.

If you have ideas for the program that you haven’t told us about yet, email