Call for volunteers

We need volunteers to help us out during the convention. Without volunteers, there can be no Eurocon!

As a volunteer you get groats – vouchers that you can use for buying food and books – and you get to work with a fun group of people who also love sci-fi and fantasy.

Gopher tasks

Our volunteers are also known as gophers. As a gopher, you do all kinds of things. The most common one is to make sure everyone who enters a program room has a convention badge and that the program participants finish on time. But you might also be asked to man the Registration desk at the entrance, to run errands, to move tables and chairs, to brew coffee for our guests, etc. Mostly, you get to choose what you want to do.

Currently, we need more people everywhere, but especially at the front desk in Registration. This is also a fun, social place to work, you get to talk to lots of people.

You choose for how many hours you work, and when. For every hour you get a 25 kronor groat, and after a certain amount of hours, you’ll get a smart looking convention tea/coffee mug! And we will be grateful and love you for helping make this convention a success! We are all members, it’s not just our convention, it’s your con, too!

To volunteer, if you didn’t do it when you registered, email

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