Closing Early Registration May 31st

At midnight May 31st, we will close pre-registration for the convention. It means that all memberships after that can be bought at the door, when the convention starts.

There are a lot of perks to pre-registration, and it goes both ways!
For you as a member, it’s cheaper, and gives you time to plan and prepare your trip. If you are under 26 years old, early registration means your membership is completely free!
Meanwhile, early registration helps us as the planning committee with scheduling program items and panelists.
It also helps us give as correct information as possible to the University, so we can hire technical staff, cleaning and emergency personnel, and other necessities accordingly (pre-registering is good for fire safety too!)

We highly recommend everyone to buy their memberships as soon as possible.

New prices at the door will be:

▪︎ 850 SEK for a full-weekend membership for those over 26yrs of age.

▪︎ 300 SEK for a full-weekend membership for those under 26yrs of age.

You can register for membership here.

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